About Us

Lawless Flowers in Limerick boasts over two thousand square feet of retail, work and storage space, encompassing a large walk in refrigerated storeroom, ensuring the customers get the best quality flowers in Limerick. Our commitment to the customer is guaranteed and reliability is a recognized factor of Lawless Flowers Limerick.

Our Limerick Flower Shop stocks a vast and unusual variety of flower types, delivered to the shop daily, direct from the Dutch and Irish flower markets. Some flowers are subject to seasonal / stock availability.

All our florists in Limerick are fully qualified & internationally trained. Our training has taken us to London, Boston, San Francisco, Holland, Austria, Germany and of course Ireland. To this end our range of floristry and our capability is vast and experienced.

Our Limerick Flower Shop sources the finest stock from Holland, and arrives four or five times a week in refrigerated trucks. And while tropical and exotic blooms are becoming very popular, the classical bouquet will never go out of fashion.

Limerick wedding flowers and special occasions are our speciality. “I would treasure the person who buys a €3 bunch of flowers on a Friday evening every bit as much as a substantial wedding order. They are all our customers and they all have to be looked after." 

About the owners

Lawless Flowers Limerick was established in Bedford row by Nancy Lawless. She started with a little bit of money and a lot of hope. Her son Dan Lawless was always by her side to help out. After many years of hard work and dedication Nancy retired. She was one of the best known and best loved florists in Limerick. Dan and Clive run Lawless Flowers in Limerick Roche's Street today, at a time when everyone is saying it with flowers.

Dan started working with Nancy in the Limerick flower shop 1 year after she opened and has never looked back since, as he always shared his mother’s love for flowers and gardening. Before working with flowers Dan spent most of his time volunteering for various different charities which he still finds time to do in his busy work schedule.

Clive was born in Sutton cold field in England and came to Ireland when he was 22 and spent the first 5 years going backwards and forwards, he always had a great interest in wildlife, nature and was an avid bird watcher. While he was working in the research department of a large company in Limerick Clive then met Dan. After a few years of being together Clive sat his exams both practical and theory for floristry and passed with flying colours. He then started working in the flower shop alongside Dan and Nancy.

After being together for over 20 years Dan and Clive had their civil partnership at their home with an outdoor marquee, all the table arrangements being done by the Staff at Lawless Flowers Limerick